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Morehead High School - Class of 1958
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Morehead High School - Class of 1958

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Thursday, October 10, 1957



     Well, the Reidsville game is history now and the Black Panthers of Morehead High School have completed the first half of the season all even.  They have two wins, two losses, and a tie.  So now the second half is coming with Rohanen being the opposition this Friday night at Morehead Stadium.  The Panthers should be in good shape with one exception.  Ken Campbell's arm is still bothering him so it's doubtful whether or not he will play Friday.

     Speaking of last Friday night, about the most confusing thing at Morehead was the scoreboard clock.  It confused the boys last year in the Gray game when they thought they had plenty of time and jus the opposite happened last Friday night.  It was reported that there were two minutes and 57 seconds left in the game when the scoreboard clock ran out.  The official time is kept on the field by one of the officials.


Former Athletes

     Well, local fans who journeyed to Winston-Salem last Saturday night for the Virginia-Wake forest football game were really treated by the fine play of former Tri-city star Pete Barham.  Pete was in coach Paul Allen's starting lineup and really played himself a whale of a ball game.  He got off three or four nice gains, once going 20 yards.  He was also a demon on defense.  Pete made a lot of tackles all alone and one, when the Virginians had first and goal on the four, Pete broke through to throw Jim Bakhtiar for a two-yard loss and that was about the only time Bakhtiar lost yardage all night.  Judging from Saturday night, we'll be seeing a lot more of Pete in the ACC.

     Another boy at Wake Forest, a former Tri-city High star, is Buddy Bowers.  Buddy was the hard-driving fullback for the Panthers last year.  He has been switched to center on the Wake Forest freshman team and played all but the last two minutes at center in the only game the Baby Deacons have played all year.  The game was played with South Carolina with South Carolina winning 13-6.

     Another local boy, Sam Gammon, who is matriculating at Appalachian this year, is back with the squad after having spent a week in the hospital.  Sam was injured in practice, but is O.K. now and you can expect to hear from Sam in the future.