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Morehead High School - Class of 1958

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     Our cheerleaders were an important part of the athletic program.  They were under the direction of Miss Peggy Horner. Our Head Cheerleader  was Norma Washburn.

     The National Honor Society, under the direction of Mrs. Sarah G. Dininny, selected its members on their ability to live up to the standards of scholastic achievement, leadership and a desire to serve.

     The Carillon was the name of our yearbook (previously called the Tricinoca). Many people were involved in creating the annual, including the business staff , the layout staff, typists, business managers and an editor.

     Our school newspaper, The Clarion, was published monthly. The staff members are pictured here.
     The Nurses' Club, advised by Miss Laura Roberson, was made of up girls interested in this career. They did volunteer work at the hospital.
   The Diversified Occupations Club members train for future jobs. The club was sponsored by Mr. Henry Rahn.
     To belong to The Future Teachers of America, a student must have had a scholastic average of 85 or better and a desire to teach. The club was guided by Mrs. Sara H. Ferguson and had as it annual projects College day and a trip to Woman's College to observe clases.
     The Glee Club and Band gave our school much prestige and musical enjoyment. Both were directed by Mr. Robert Fleming. The Glee Club was accompanied by Myra Greer. Here is the Spring, 1957 Concert Announcement of the concert performed by the 1957 Glee Club.
     Sophomore girls who wanted to join the Glee Club participated in the Girls' Chorus, accompanied by Carolyn Kallam.
     Bus drivers had to get to work early and stay late.
     The Distributive Education Club promoted an interest in retailing and was supervised by Mr. Doug Compton.
     Monogram Club members earned letters in any sport at Morehead. Members also helped in operating the concession stand at football and basketball games.
     Student Council members were elected by students and were advised by Mr. Odell Nassar. They tried to work out solutions to school problems and direct other students in the halls and at assembly.
     The Bible Club attempted to establish Christian ideals among students. It was directed by Mr. Fulcher.
     The Science Club was presided over by Warren Stephens, with Lee Kirby as vice-president, Everette Dunn as treasurer and Myrna Stephens as secretary.
     What would Mrs. Banks, the school secretary, have done without the Office Assistants?   Same question for Mrs. Young, the librarian, regarding the Library Assistants.