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Junior - Senior
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Morehead High School - Class of 1958

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     In 1957, our biggest prom of the year was held in April. We were juniors and our class had the task of providing entertainment. The prom theme was Over the Rainbow. As befitting the talent in our class, we presented some blockbuster entertainment at intermission led by Master of Ceremonies William Ragsdale. One of the main events was the Grand March . Our junior class president, J. Stultz, gave a short welcoming  speech during the Preliminaries in our cafeteria. Live entertainment was provided by a singing group led by Mickey Snow.


     In 1958, as seniors, we were the guests at the Junior-Senior prom. The theme was From Here to Eternity. One of the main events was the banquet which took place in the cafeteria. Here are two scenes, 1 and 2, of that event. We as seniors led the Grand March. Participating were Norma Washburn, Kay Cochran and Melba Squires and their dates.  Later in the evening some tough-looking characters showed up.