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Morehead High School - Class of 1958

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Send any news you have. If you have a new grandchild, a new job, taken a trip, moved, retired, just want to say "Hi" or anything else, SEND YOUR NEWS HERE.


February 5, 2003

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    Lib Smith Roberson of Eden communicates the big new of our upcoming 45th reunion. The date is October 4, 2003. This event was tentatively announced over 4 years ago on this page. She mentioned that many classmates in Eden are on the planning committee. 


May 23, 2000

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    Alyce Craddock Turner of Raleigh writes "I was just looking over the news again.  It is such a good way to hear from the Class of '58.  You can remove my email address that is  The Meredith one is okay.  The big news for me is I just purchased a town home in Raleigh.  My new address is 5866 North Hills Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609.  Would love to hear from anyone.  I do hear from Beth and Mac a lot.  If anyone is in Raleigh, I can be reached at Meredith College or at home 919-881-0929.  My kids and grandchildren will be spending some of the summer with me. My AOL address is  Hope you and yours are well."

Alyce Craddock Turner

March 31, 2000

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Fern Ragan, a faculty member at Morehead, writes: 

     "I do not know you, but you have constructed one fabulous website.  I taught Jada Chambers,  and I read hers often.  My name is Fern Ragan.  I teach English at Morehead High School.  I came to Eden in 1965, and during my first year at Morehead we won the State Championship in basketball under Hugh Citty's able coaching.  I have loved this school since DAY ONE! It is so nice to hear from a former student who obviously loves his high school friends and has great memories of a wonderful place!  I replaced Raleigh Biggerstaff.  I have taught honors and Advanced Placement English as well as many classes or regular students since I came here.  We have a new program now called Fast Forward.  Students who are ready for college may take English and mathematics for dual credit; the course gives both high school credit and three units of college credit. I usually teach two or three sections of Fast Forward each year.

     "I have taught with many of the faculty that you listed on your faculty page.  I saw Evelyn Banks just the other day.  I swear she looks just as great as she did 30 years ago, and couldn't she run that school!!!  Faye Roberts is in Alpha Delta Kappa with me.  I see Dot Lea often.  She is retired and rides horses daily out in the country. J. C. Honeycutt was my husband's best friend.  We were so sad when he passed away.  I see Sue, his wife, at our monthly Alpha Delta Kappa meetings.  I just want you to know how proud I am of your website, and I hope other graduates will take your lead.  We are working hard on a school web page.  I am just learning how...after all, I am an OLD teacher.  I have been teaching for 37 years...35 of them at Morehead.  If you want to see my school page, you may go to  There you type in the zip code for our school 27288, and you can click on websites for several of the Morehead teachers.  I have just completed mine, and I need to correct some spacing.  Aren't computers wonderful.  I was out sick today, and all I had to do was e-mail my lesson plans to school!

     "I taught Frank Campbell's children, and Charles Yarbrough's daughter is in my night class at Rockingham Community College.  I saw Oggie Ogburn at breakfast Saturday.  Eden is basically the same small town you left.  We all still care very much for each other, and if anyone needs anything, we are here for each other.  I feel safe and protected in this town and in our school environment.  We have a wonderful principal at Morehead, and Mr. Newlin, if he were alive and able to visit, would be proud of the way Andy Thacker is running the place!  Thanks for a trip down memory lane and for a view of what the place was like when I was in high school in Boone, NC.  I graduated from high school in 1959, so I guess we are close to the same age!  I know your friends from the Class of 58 are proud of your computer skills!"

Fern Ragan

(Also be sure to read Fern's note in the Morehead Newsletter - message 102 of the message board - where she reveals why our mascot is the Panther, instead of .... Well, you'll have to read it to find out what we COULD have been!)


March 26, 2000

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     Ronnie Craddock ( writes to correct my error in describing the 1958 championship football team backfield: "The perfect 13-0 season and the state championship football team had a backfield that consisted of the 3 C's - Craddock, Campbell, Crowder with Ogburn at quarterback. Yarbrough was a receiver - not a running back. Woods and Fuqua anchored the line."

R D "Crash" Craddock
Class of 1960

March 24, 2000

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     Carl (Buddy Grohs, Jr., Morehead '62, writes:

     "Hi, Gang, it's your fearless leader once again.

     "Susan Tiller Jenkins (CO63) e-mail address: Type exactly as shown. This is a business e-mail address but she can receive mail there. She is not able to reply from there, but if you contact her I am sure she would respond via snail mail. Susan's Dad, Paul, passed away and I saw her at the funeral. She is Wayne Rakestraw's (CO62) cousin and an old friend of mine. He was one of the original members of The Fieldcrest Quartet and they got together once again to sing at the service. That was a very nice touch. Still sound good.

     "Gail Campbell Oliver (CO63) called the other day to give me her new address. They have moved to Carolina Beach and are in the process of getting a vineyard and winery started. I have been promised one of the first bottles. Can't wait. She was in town taking care of some of her family's business. Seems like it is the time that many of us are switching roles and having to deal with our parents. We should be glad that they are still around, those of us who still have one or both. Some of us do not.

     "Also heard from Barbara Frank Sheehan (CO62). Other than some minor health problems, she is doing well. Seems like many of us are suffering a similar fate. Over the last few years she has had the opportunity to make some pretty interesting trips- Galapagos Islands off of Ecuador,  South Africa on safari and, recently, Japan! These trips provided her with a background for her hobby, photography. Should have some rather spectacular shots. Dad is living at The Bayberry Retirement Inn here in Eden. It is somewhat small and intimate, works well with his loss of eyesight. There are only about 20 residents there. Sometimes it seems like old home week when I go down there to visit. Jerry Holland, Joyce Barwick, Gail Washburn and  Lynda Purcell all have Mothers who live there. What are the odds in such a small facility? Gail's sister, Norma, comes down there right much but I have missed Gail so far. She (Norma) plays the piano and one day we walked in and found her playing and Dad singing along. Didn't sound too bad."

The Class Of '62 Crew

February 5, 2000

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     Jane Garrett Warren of Richmond writes "Hi Joe and Agnes, Thanks for sending the pictures.  That seems so long ago!  We did survive the two big snow and ice storms, but it was not much fun.  We lost power on Super Bowl Sunday about 5 p.m. and did not get it back until Tues. about 5p.m. I was out of school for 6 days.  We are planning a cruise this summer.  We will fly to Athens at the end of June and then take a boat through the islands, to Egypt, Israel, and Istanbul.  Guess what!  I am turning 60 today.  Wow- that is a biggie.  I am happy to be alive and healthy,  but getting old is scary. We are having a family dinner here tonight.  Take care and soak up some of that warm sunshine for us.  We haven't had such a cold winter for a few years."


(Jane is referring to these pictures taken in 1965: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


January 21, 2000

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     Lindsay Patterson of Borger, Texas writes  "I will see what I can do on the family pictures.  Joe, speaking of the snow, I have to tell you that we lived in Kenai, Alaska, from 1986-1991.  One year we had 155" of snow.   We could slide from the top of our two story house right down into the yard. It was one of our best experiences to live in Alaska."


January 13, 2000

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     Tom Lovell, now of Yakima, WA writes: "Hi All,  A quick note to everyone.  As most of you know Tom and I have moved to Yakima, WA.  We have moved into our new home as of Dec 30 and are still unpacking!!!!!!!

"Our new address is:
Tom & Dian Lovell
4406 Carriage Hill Dr.
Yakima,  WA  98908-2415

e-mail is:

    "HAPPY 2000 to all of you.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Quite a switch from San Antonio---it's snowed the past 3 or 4 days!!!!!!"

Dian and Tom


January 13, 2000

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     Sunshine Bishopric of Eden writes  "Happy New Year, Joe!  We got our on-line connections a month or so ago, but as usual for me I've got too many things going at one time.  Most of my computer time is late at night, but that works okay -- saves my daylight for other chores and interests.  I don't have much new to offer in the way of class contacts.  We are continuing with our monthly dinners; the people who attend seem to enjoy each other's company.  I have enjoyed the contacts and have missed only a couple of meetings.  The only drawback is that if there are too many people for one table we don't get to visit with everyone, but maybe we'll come up with an alternative plan in the near future.  Keep in touch -- and thanks for your notes."

December 27, 1999

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     Lindsay Patterson of Borger, Texas writes  "Joe, we did not make it to Eden.  We have son's in Charlotte, NC, Santa Barbara, CA, and San Antonio,TX, ;  so we all met in San Antonio for the Holidays.  I hope to make it to Eden, this spring."


December 25, 1999

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    Jerene Grogan Ashworth writes from California "Nice to hear from you Joe.  Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.  We had a great, warm Christmas.  Would have liked cold and snow better.  Keep in touch."

December 24, 1999

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     Beth Yager Washburn, now of Smyrna, NC, writes "Hi Joe,  Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and the most joyous and peaceful of New Years!!
    "Mac and I have moved to the coast of  N. C.  Our new address is 120 Jumping Run Court,  Smyrna, NC  28579-9547
    "Will try to get a picture scanned and sent to you, but who knows when
that might be. We have just returned tonight, Christmas Eve, after traveling over 1800 miles since Dec 15 visiting family and friends. So, for now we will have a very quiet Christmas Day (as I try to recuperate from cold, cough & laryngitis) and get ready for visitors next week coming to ring in the New Year with us."


November 19, 1999

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     Lindsay Patterson of Borger, Texas writes "This is my first time to logon to our class web site.  Joe, you, any others who may have helped, certainly have done an outstanding job!!  I am just now beginning to explore the contents, but the music alone was enough to get me in the spirit!!  Understand you are doing well, take care  and best wishes.  Again, thanks for your efforts on this web site.

     "Joe, thanks for the reply.  Borger is in the panhandle of Texas or 40 miles northeast of Amarillo, Texas.  I, too, am sorry that I was unable to make the reunion.  Looks like everyone had a great time!!  I have just begun sorting through the Web Site.  Your computer skills far exceed mine, but again great job!!  Hope to  catch up to you one of these days."


November 5, 1999

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     Beth Yager Washburn of Norfolk writes "We are really moving folks!  On Wed Nov 10 we will be packed out & they will deliver on Thurs Nov 11.  We still have to come back to clean up house and closing on Mon Nov 15, but after that we will be in NC.  Please don't send any messages UNLESS really important.  We just don't have time to go through them right now. We will send you all a message when we are up and running again.

     "Our new address will be:

     120 Jumping Run Court
     Smyrna, NC 28579-9547
     Phone # (252) 729 - 1754

"When we get settled you are all invited to come and visit, sit on the pier and see how peaceful it is, go fishing, catch crabs from our pier, and just enjoy yourselves - BUT - please not all at the same time!!!!!

"We have finally gotten moved in - by no means straight at all!!!  The movers finished last night about 1230 AM so Mac & I have been just trying to get things straight enough to be able to walk through the house!!  We will be going back to Norfolk Saturday & then closing on the house up there on Monday.  Then we will be here in Smyrna from now on.   The email address is still good.  Also we can be reached on  Talk to you later when we have more time."

     Beth and Mac


October 20, 1999

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     William Ragsdale of Salisbury writes "Dear Joe, I was sorting through my addresses and saw yours and thought I'd drop a line. I forgot about your children. How many and where are they are ??  We're leaving tomorrow to visit George who is a Soph at Duke in Durham. I couldn't even have gotten in that place as an undergrad. I know that's your Carolina rival but we are proud of George. He may wind up going into the ordained ministry. Not sure though just yet, but all things seem to point in that direction. He sings in the Duke Chapel Choir and is Concert Master. They have a web site which I can send you if you are interested.

     "Oh, yes....Joe if you can and do take the time to answer this e-mail tell me, explain just what you do with computers other than create web sites.  By the way you have done a beautiful job creating the web site for our 58 graduating class. Thanks !!"

     "Dear Joe, Here's the Duke Chapel web site: There's a picture of the choir and George is on back row to the left of center about 1/2 way over.  I like the songs you put on High School web site......too bad you couldn't use the original artist's recording of the music. Well, I'll sign off and get ready to head to Durham for parent's week end.  I did get into the Duke Divinity School  and received a B.D. degree.....but they take anybody going into the ministry. Stay in touch.....hope the hurricane didn't affect you guys."

     Grace,  William








October 18, 1999

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     Tom Lovell of Austin, Texas writes "Dear Family and Friends, Nope,  this is not our annual Christmas letter----this is the beginning of our next adventure. Yep, we're moving again.  Tom has taken a position in Yakima, WA.....I know, where is Yakima?  Well, it's in south central the valley where they grow all the apples, etc.  So the next time you eat an apple, the sticker might say Yakima.  Anyway, it's a small town of about 80,000----shopping is very limited--I'm already having withdrawal.  But the packers are here right now and I can tell you that I don't need much of anything---especially dishes!!!!!  This is our first stateside move. Can you believe that?  Of course, WA is almost is almost as far as some of the places we've been overseas--at least it looks like it on the map.  

     "We went to Yakima a few weeks ago to look for  a house, but we didn't find one.  Looks like we will be in temporary quarters for a while.  We will be shutting the computer off on Sunday night, the 24th.  Don't have a new e-mail address yet, but we'll send it as soon as we get set up again. We'll be moving out of our house on Tues, the 26th. We will be leaving San Antonio on Oct 30.  My Mom and Dad are flying in and will go with us on our "half-way across the US" trip.  We hope to go to Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas (hope to see you
Pepper) and Salt Lake City and anywhere in between that looks interesting.  Hope to be in Yakima in about a week. We've hired someone to drive our 2nd vehicle, so that is  a relief not to have to do that. So we're off on our next adventure.  Our new address for now is:

P.O. BOX 1182, YAKIMA, WA  98907-1182 

     "We'll look forward to hearing from all of you when we get set up again. We'll be going to MD and NC during the Christmas holidays, but it will be a short fast trip since Tom has to be back at work before Y2K.."

     Take care, Love, Dian and Tom


August 30, 1999

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     Mac Washburn of Norfolk writes "Well it is OFFICIAL now!!!!!!! We listed our house FOR Sale...... We are moving to N.C.  Down near Beaufort to a small township by the name of Smyrna.  Closing there is on 30 Sept.  Our new address will be 120 Jumping Run Court, Smyrna, NC 28579.  E-Mail address will remain  I don't know what IP I will sign up with down there.  Can't wait to be fishing and boating from my own pier."

August 18, 1999

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     Alyce Craddock Turner of Raleigh writes "Once again I have looked at those wonder years of the 50's.  I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the 40th reunion and it is good to know that if I am ever in Eden on a Tuesday night, I can look someone up. Since February, when I first signed on, time seems to have flown by, but it is so good to connect again to all of the Class of 1958.  Would love to hear from you all.  I didn't say anything when I sent my address and all in to you, but I do have 4 wonderful (2 boys, 2 girls) children and 5 grandchildren, 3 boys and a girl.  The oldest, Rosie, spent a month with me this summer (her family lives in Tampa, FL) and a visit from her little brother came later.  My other grandchildren are in Fort Walton Beach with the US Air Force. Time goes by so quickly. Keep up the page! Hope to hear from you soon."

(Alyce has 2 e-mail addresses: or

August 15, 1999

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     Jackie Johnson of Edgewater, Florida writes "Joe and Classmates, Zoe and I have just returned from a fabulous cruise from London, England to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia, Estonia, Poland, and return to Dover, England.  If any of you ever get the opportunity to go, It's a great trip.  We had excellent weather and really smooth sailing.  You have to see other countries, especially Russia, to really appreciate how great this country is!  I'm glad you're doing such a great job with the web site.  It's terrific!  Wish more of the classmates would keep us informed on things going on in their lives.  Great to hear news from home and fellow classmates, wherever they are!"


July 30, 1999

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     From Joe Eggleston: "Agnes and I spent 9 days in Colorado this month, driving over 800 miles within the state. I posted some pictures at:


July 13, 1999

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     Jane Garrett Warren of Richmond writes "Hi Agnes and Joe, It's been a while since you were here, but I did want to tell you how much we enjoyed visiting with you at the Jefferson. I have been out of school for about three weeks now and have been busy catching up on all the projects that I always put off until summer vacation. We don't have any trips planned except for a short visit to Mass. for a wedding in late August.

     "Starting this week, I will be taking some classes to get me ready for the next school year. So this is a very uneventful summer for us! Hope the rest of your trip was good. Thanks again for calling us while you were in town. Keep in touch."


June 29, 1999

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     Beth Yager Washburn of Norfolk writes "We just got back from N.C. (for you Jim that is "way down" in NC) after visiting with my sister & nephew. Took the two grandchildren from MD (5 & 9) with us. We stopped & picked them up in MD on our way back from CONN. Mac fished - and then fished some more!! We had some delicious flounder one night he caught & then steamed shrimp we bought another night (for $2.99 a pound!), so we have really been pigging out again! Took the children to the beach and "shelling" every day - sometimes twice a day. Boy am I worn out!!! Their parents are coming down Fri & spending the long weekend. After that, I have got to start getting some things done around here! All we have been doing is coming in, dumping suitcases, washing clothes, then packing again lately. My knee surgery is scheduled for July 28.

     "It will be a total knee replacement. He says I will be in the hospital for 4 -5 days then can't leave the house for several weeks. Therapist will come here to the house after I get home - every day for first week, then 3 times a week, etc. Doc says it will be about 5 - 6 weeks before I am allowed even out in the car for a ride!!! Talk about stir crazy!!! At some point in there I guess I will be allowed out of prison long enough to go back to doc's to get staples removed.

     "My sister is trying to persuade us to move down to the area near Morehead City that she has just moved to. We looked at several houses while we were there, and I think Mac would be ready to move just because fishing is closer and easier. The places we looked at were all right on the waterfront - either Sound or some navigable creek that empties directly into the sound. I don't even want to think about the trouble and mess that moving would be!!! Talk to you all later - gotta' get all these emails read, answered or just deleted. Hope you don't mind being inundated with jokes if I find some cute ones!"

     "Love to all,"  Beth & Mac 


June 20, 1999

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     Joe Eggleston of Plantation, Florida writes "Sunshine outdid herself again! I was in Eden last weekend, and was very surprised to be invited over to her and Welsford's home on Glovenia Street for a Class of '58 get-together. There were about 10 of us present. We has a lot of fun on the deck remembering old times and eating tacos.

     "Thanks, Sunshine, for a wonderful evening!"


June 13, 1999

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     Beth Yager Washburn of Norfolk writes "Just to let you all know we are finally back home. Left Vancouver, BC about 2:00 AM (EDST) and finally got in here Sun morning about 3:00 AM Sun. Bad weather in the Midwest caused delays & cancellations everywhere!! We were told Chicago (Chicago!!!!) was closed for almost a day & St. Louis was closed for couple hours plus had some runways closed completely for awhile!! Ended up making all our flights simply because everybody was running so late. Dead tired, so will try to recuperate today & maybe get some trip details out tomorrow! Did you hear about the helo crash? Killed all seven aboard as they were flying up around the glaciers! That the day after I went up to land on glaciers!!!!

     "Glad to be home. Talk to you all later."     Beth


June 11, 1999

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     Lib Smith Roberson of Eden writes "Dear Joe, Just thought you would like to here about our dinner at the Fisherman's Gallery. We had three new people. thirteen in all. I did a lot of calling but a lot of people are busy with vacations. Frankie Gardner. Louise Lawson Trollinger and Barbara Hatcher Smith were the new ones. They were so glad they came. We had a good time. I made pictures but it will be a while before I get them developed. A week or so but I'll send them to you .

     "As info for the ones that didn't know. Beth Sugg Eggleston's mother passed away this week. She was 90 years old and a beautiful lady. We that knew her loved her . She will be missed. She did not look her age. We heard you were coming up soon. Hope that some of can get together and catch up. Sunshine was at the meeting and told us. Have a safe trip up and have a good summer."


April 18, 1999

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     Lib Smith Roberson of Eden writes "I received the pictures back today. Thanks. Sunshine is making a scrapbook, so we will see how much we have changed over five years. I will give them to her to put in the book.

     "Thought you would pass the word about Jimmy Duggins. His brother called me this morning and said he passed away last night at 11:13 pm. They think it was a massive heart attack. We will know more Monday.

     "Hope all is going well for you. We had 18 at the last meeting.  Bobby Barrett and his wife, Glenda Dodson and Beth Eggleston we there.  So we are getting to see new faces every month."


March 16, 1999

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     Lib Smith Roberson of Eden writes "Just a note to let you know we had our party. We had '30'.  I was tickled to death.   I had only reserved the place for 20, but it turned out fine. None of us was in a hurry for food.  We just wanted to chat.  I wish you could find a way to be here with us on the second Thursday of the month.  We really did have a good time.   We asked if they wanted to do it again, and the response was overwhelming.  So we plan on continuing as long as everybody is happy.

     "I called 24 people Tuesday night, so it paid off.  I'll call different ones next time till we get around.  Hazel Gae came and I told her now the world could see our homecoming queen.  I made more pictures and will send them when I get them developed.     "I called 24 people Tuesday night, so it paid off.  I'll call different ones next time till we get around.  Hazel Gae came and I told her now the world could see our homecoming queen.  I made more pictures and will send them when I get them developed.     "I called 24 people Tuesday night, so it paid off.  I'll call different ones next time till we get around.  Hazel Gae came and I told her now the world could see our homecoming queen.  I made more pictures and will send them when I get them developed.

     "Raymond Thomas, Ann Heffinger, Alice Bowers and spouse, Doug Boyte and spouse, Betty Bolick and Jackie, Ronald, Frances and Donnie, Judy Matthews, Jimmy and Karen Johnson, Lib and Larry, Kay Durham and spouse (she lost her mother last month and they came down to clear up some business),  Judy Axsom, Hazel Gae. So that is pretty good.

     "Have a good week. I loved your pictures of your cruise.  They are beautiful.   Buddy just got back from London and Paris.  He said they had a wonderful time.   Maybe he'll send you some pictures."


     Jerene Grogan Ashworth writes from California "...I read the article about Marsh Oakley. Very interesting.  I live about thirty-five miles from Van Nuys.  I would have looked him up if I had know he was living in Southern California.  I also note he has a son who lives in Canyon Country.  I believe that is nearby."


February 19, 1999

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     From Joe Eggleston: "Agnes and I took a weekend cruise over to Nassau last month. I posted some pictures at


February 12, 1999

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     Lib Smith Roberson writes "...We had our get-together last night.  We did not have very many.  Our town is having a flu epidemic and everyone has either had it or has it.  We had 13.  We had a new one. Hazel Gae came.  She really looks good. She promises to come to our next reunion.

     "...I hope you can come up to some of our get-togethers.  We are anxious to see how it turns out.   I think we broke the ice with the reunion.  Ann Roberts Woods Moore called me and talked an hour when she got her book.  She's sorry now she didn't come.  She plans to come to the next one.

     "Have a HAPPY VALENTINES. Will send a few more pictures later."


January 24, 1999

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     Bud Roberts, one of the organizers of our 40th reunion, writes with an important announcement. "We are holding our meetings at my office (the old Meadow Dairies building). Last night was our last action meeting until our next reunion in 2003. In some ways we all agreed it was a sad occasion. We looked at web pictures and videos of our reunion. Our spirits did rise, however, as we consumed a little wine.

     "One funny thing did happen. I had talked to Ken Campbell early on Thursday morning (we talk often) and he was aware of our meeting that night. He told me he might call us during our meeting from Jacksonville, Florida where he lives. About 15 minutes into or meeting we heard the very loud Fats Domino song 'Blueberry Hill' coming from down in the lobby. We all looked at each other like 'what the hell' and up the stairs walks Ken Campbell with a huge boom box on his shoulder. He had decided after talking with me to jump in his car and drive up. We all had a huge laugh!

     "During our meeting some of the things we decided on were the following:

     1. To hold our next reunion tentatively the first week in October, 2003.

    2. For all locals who can attend - a get together once a month on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. The first will be at The Fisherman's Galley.

     3. We are going to work on a format for getting information on the few class members we could not find and update our files with personal information and people who have relocated.

     "Also enclosed is a newspaper article about Marsh Oakley that appeared in the Eden News years ago, along with some old pictures for the website. I added the CREWSEW name to our picture. This is the name I came up with for our group that has the first letter of each of our last names.

     "My address is"


January 15, 1999

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     We have had 4 classmates to come on-line recently. Let's welcome them to our on-line community with an e-mail.

     Lib Smith Roberson of Eden writes "Please add us to the e mail list. I am mailing you some photos I made at the reunion. Our E mail address is   Thanks LIB."

     Alyce Craddock Turner of Raleigh writes "...I got wind of the reunion held in November and heard from Donnie and Frances Warren and Lilly Ruth that you could not find me.  I am delighted to find our web page and let me have you add me to the list of graduates.   My name is Alyce Craddock Turner.  I reside at 2433 J Wycliff Road in Raleigh, NC after having lived the last 30 years as a Navy wife (now divorced).  I have 4 children, and 5 grandchildren in Florida and the DC area.  I work at Meredith College as a Departmental assistant for the Art Department.  I finally got to college in 1992 and graduated in 1996.  Meredith College is my alma-mater.  My e-mail address is and I would love to hear from anyone in the class of '58."

     Kay Cochran Hakerem of Williamsburg, Virginia just came on-line. Her e-mail address is

     On the West Coast, Jerene Grogan Ashworth lives in Tustin Ranch, California. She writes " address is incorrect, and I wanted to let you know that I live in Tustin Ranch (its not really a ranch, just a nice community in Orange County, 30 miles south of Los Angeles), CA 92782, not Tustin Beach.  I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion, but I went to Maui in August and could not get away from work for another trip.  Maybe next time.  When I opened the mail regarding the reunion, I immediately came to my computer to check out 'our' web page.  I certainly didn't expect to find my picture there.  I would like to send photos of my family.  I just bought a scanner, but I don't know yet how to use it.  I'll do my best, or perhaps mail them to you."

     Jerene's e-mail address is

     Carl (Buddy) Grohs, Jr., Morehead '62, sent some comments about our class reunion, and classes that came after us. Buddy lives in Eden, and can be reached at

     "'58 had their 40th reunion in November and from what I have heard and from what I have seen it was a very good one. They had great participation but they had not had one since the 20th. I am confident that they will be having regular reunions from here on out.

     "Here's some good news for the '61'ers out there, your reunion committee is alive and well again. They are already meeting and planning for 2001. With Buzz Gilley's bad health, the committee missed their 35th. He was the driving force up until then. They have gotten it back together and the 40th is a sure thing. Bill Pace-'64 is working on their 35th. '62 will meet in 2002, the big 4-0."